About us



Founded in 2000 by Suzye and Barry Lawson, Amigos de la Educación, is a non-profit educational and scholarship foundation. We provide quality educational services to students and teachers from kindergarten through university living in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

Amigos de la Educación awards scholarships to students with genuine financial needs to further their education based on their academic, attendance and social skills. Currently we sponsor 12 scholarships in local Guanacaste grade schools, high schools and universities.

We fund our donations and scholarships with the Annual ¨Have A Heart¨ Charity Golf Tournament, bi-annual theatre productions with The BeachNuts Theatre Group, Credomatic Festival of Music Concerts and a 4K Walk for Quality Education.

Our organization works continually to prevent the sense of hopelessness some young people often feel, when thinking of their future. We also encourage students to actively work towards achieving established and new found goals with their education and scholarship.<


Our vision is to create a school environment where young people are empowered, self determined and confident enough to achieve their fullest potential, regardless of their background or current circumstances; thus, actively engaging in the future of Costa Rica.

Our objectives are to offer the following services to our local schools:

  • Scholarships for bi-lingual grade schools, high school and university students.
  • Provide textbooks, supplies and materials to meet the needs of the students and schools.
  • Voluntary work and social services experience.
  • Fund educational classes, training and seminars for all Amigos sponsored schools.
  • Support and develop ESL classes for students, teachers and community.
  • Develop relationships with other non-profit organizations to network and share information.
  • Seek additional corporate sponsors to fund our future educational projects and scholarships.
  • Continue to provide new & used computers, supplies and new technology to all our schools


1. La Nación Textbooks were purchased in 2011 for $ 9000.00 to sponsor and support our 6 grade schools from grades 1-6th grade.

2. Ación Joven Organization received $ 2000.00 in 2012 for a local high school and public skate board park to prevent high school dropouts.

3. CEPIA Association provides annual educational programs in drug/alcohol abuse and sex education for $ 2000.00 per year to all our sponsored high schools.

4. We purchased an additional $ 2080.00 in La Nación textbooks in 2012 to supplement additional students attending grade school.

5. In partnership with Bridgestone Tires we have provided over 200 students their program for pedestrian safety and accident prevention. 600 additional students will attend the program before the end of the year in Guanacaste.